Do I Need A Baby Nest?

Do I need a baby nest?

If you like to free up your tired arms and see your little one play or lounge in a cozy spot, so answer would be definitely Yes!

What is the Bitsy-Boo baby nest?

Bitsy-Boo baby nest bed is a mattress with high edges to create a warm, soft and safe space for baby. This nest bed can help you put baby to sleep, for a refreshing nap.

Baby nest bed comes handy for nursing your newborn, as a snuggle nest for your baby and help entertain your newborn and toddler at tummy times.

Researchers say, the baby pillows coming with them may help prevent flat head syndrome.

The bionic design of the simulated uterus allows the baby to enjoy a deeper sleep while reducing the frequency of holding the baby. It gives little babies an illusion that they are still in their mother’s stomach and increase the sense of security.

The baby nest has almost become a must-have item for newborn families. This snuggle nest is not just a bed to help baby sleep, it is even a small home for the baby. Whether you are traveling or a temporary visit, the baby nest is always a familiar place for infants, giving your little one a higher quality sleep.

What is Tummy Time and how can I use the Bitsy-Boo nest to help?

Tummy time is the placing a baby on his or her stomach only while awake and supervised — can help your baby develop strong neck and shoulder muscles and promote motor skills. Some research suggests that babies who spend time on their tummies will achieve other milestones such as rolling over, supporting themselves on all fours, and crawling earlier than babies who don’t.

The baby nest lounger is the ideal spot to let your little one spend time on their tummies because the rounded sides help to prop up your baby when placed under his or her arms. To practice tummy time with your little one in the nest, place the baby in nest with the rounded tube under the baby's chest and armpits with his arms out in front of them. This position also allows for play and observation. By propping baby up on the sides, tummy time instantly becomes easier and more comfortable for babies - and moms! Now, everyone can enjoy tear-free tummy time!